To Deliver The Future
by Grey Wolf

To Deliver The Future Alternate History by Grey Wolf
Published by Wolfian Press
ISBN (Paperback) : 978-1291644081
ASIN (Kindle) : B00D99V4JK

With the Second World War having ended in a draw, a Nazi-American Cold War has set in, but now both sides believe they have the ultimate secret weapon, only it requires one of them to strike first!

From the frozen fjords of Norway to the very banks of the Potomac, from the docks of New York City to Hitler's mountain fastness, the action sees Nazi Germany take the ultimate gamble.

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The cover for To Deliver The Future features a photograph of the Washington Monument, by Kaiphrainos.

As the Washington Monument, the Elipse and the area of Capitol Hill features prominently in the novel, the choice of this iconic obelisk for the cover was not a difficult one.