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Welcome to the website for Grey Wolf, alternate history writer and independent author. With over thirty years of writing fiction, and twenty-five of writing poetry, Grey Wolf has a large back catalogue of work that the world of e-book publishing, and print-on-demand is bringing to a wider audience than ever.

Here you will find information about published and forthcoming works - novels, how-to guides and poetry. Click the links above to see Ebooks, Paperbacks, or Forthcoming Projects (NEW at the top).

The Slayer

Released in November 2013, The Slayer is Grey Wolf's most recent full-length novel. Featuring a unique cover painting by Barking-based artist, Derek Roberts, The Slayer is a colourful tale from start to finish.

Jason Wolfe awakens in an unfamiliar apartment, to find that someone who looks like him has led a very different life, has killed many people and taken grotesque trophies.

Slowly he comes to realise that this is not his world, but one where an alternate self has risen to one of the highest ranks possible, not only that of advisor to the Emperor of Albion, but of Slayer, the national champions who come into their own whenever there is a plague outbreak. Read More - The Slayer

Ten Naval Battles

Ten Naval Battles is Grey Wolf's best-selling alternate history work, written as if it were a history book, written in a world where history diverged at the end of the eighteenth century. Rereleased in March 2014, it now features a unique cover painting by Derek Roberts, 'The Battle of Kolberg'.

Ten Naval Battles tells the story of an alternate history from the mid 18th century to the mid 19th century through the eyes of a historian writing about the ten most decisive naval battles of this period. Read about the Egyptians defeating the French, events in the North American colonies, and the formation of a federal Germany. Also includes the start of Ten Great Leaders with the Duc d'Andorra.
Read More - Ten Naval Battles


Farflame is Grey Wolf's fourth collection of poetry, released in March 2014, and featuring a unique cover painting by South Wales artist Hilary Bryanston.

Farflame is dedicated to the spirit of resistance and to the men and women who grasped for an ideal and achieved it. Grey Wolf believes that everyone is capable both of doing good, and of redeeming themselves. Redemption is a key feature of his beliefs, and those who deny it, deny it to themselves also.

Read More - Farflame

Innovate E-Magazine
In late 2013, six authors and artists came together to begin working as the Innovate Team. With Grey Wolf as Editor, issue 1 of Innovate E-Magazine was released at the end of Janauey 2014, featuring short stories, poems, articles and an interview with author Herbie Brennan. Issue 4 was released at the end of May 2014, and includes a 50% donation to the Pancreatic Cancer charity PCRF in memoriam of my Mum.
Read more about Innovate E-Magazine.

Grey Wolf's Blog

Grey Wolf's Blog features interviews with other authors, book features and reviews, as well as Grey Wolf's thoughts on writing, and the latest news about Innovate. See
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How To Write Alternate History

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How To Write Alternate History is a series of articles by Grey Wolf, examining subjects such as the identity of man, whether man makes the weather, how the everyday in an alternate world is going to be changed and what names for music, vehicles, weapons etc would be different.