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Tamar's most recent work is Through the Fire: An Alternate Life of Prince Konstantin of Russia. Her other books include The Russian Riddle, a nonfiction biography, and the novels Triumph of a Tsar and The Last Battle. Her short stories have been published or are forthcoming in The Copperfield Review, The Sandy River Review, The Helix, Foliate Oak, and Evening Street Review.


The Books of Tamar Anolic

Through The Fire Alternate History by Tamar Anolic
ISBN (Paperback): 978-1725894860
ASIN (Kindle) : B07HD96RV9

Through the Fire: An Alternate Life of Prince Konstantin of Russia is a novel in short stories about Prince Konstantin Romanov, a war hero, cousin of Nicholas II and third son of Grand Duke Konstantin, the Russian Imperial Family's famous poet. Through the Fire examines the life that Konstantin might have led if the Russian Revolution had been averted. It is set in the same alternate historical universe as Tamar's previous novel, Triumph of a Tsar.

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Triumph of a Tsar Alternate History by Tamar Anolic
ISBN (Paperback): 978-1981325511
ASIN (Kindle) : B078XRLPJ7

Triumph of a Tsar is a work of alternate historical fiction in which the Russian Revolution is averted, and the hemophiliac Alexei, son of Tsar Nicholas II, comes to the throne. In August, 1920, sixteen-year-old Alexei is enjoying his birthday celebrations when Nicholas dies suddenly. Overnight, Alexei becomes tsar of an empire that covers one-sixth of the world's landmass. The Great War is over, but Russia is still suffering from the devastation and poverty that it brought. Communists such as Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky view the political situation as ripe for revolution, but they realize that the popular Alexei stands in their way. To make matters worse, Alexei's hemophilia, the disease that has threatened him his whole life, returns to haunt him. With his life in constant danger from internal threats, Alexei must also navigate the external threats of fascism and Adolph Hitler. Slowly, Hitler's menace increases throughout Europe until he tries to kill Alexei himself. Only then does Alexei realize that another World War is the only way to stop his German enemy.

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The Imperial Spy Alternate History by Tamar Anolic
ISBN (Paperback): 978-1095816165
ASIN (Kindle) : B07SDS2F1S

Vsevolod Ioannovich Romanov is a member of the Russian Imperial family, a Prince of the Imperial Blood... and a spy against the Nazis. From Warsaw to Budapest, Rome to Tsaritsyn, Vsevolod assumes various disguises as he infiltrates the Nazis' front lines. All the while, the intelligence he sends back to Russia frustrates the Nazi war machine at every turn. As he takes out multiple Nazi spy rings and kills many high-ranking officers of the German army, Vsevolod becomes the Nazis' most wanted man. However, after several years of war in which his life is constantly in danger, Vsevolod slowly starts to crack under the pressure. As the war nears its end, Tsar Alexei II has one more mission for Vsevolod- being stationed in Berlin as the heir to the Russian throne tries to kill Hitler! Will Vsevolod be able to handle this last assignment? Or will he fall apart completely, endangering the lives of everyone around him?

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