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Peter Friedrich is an German author of Alternate History Books. He was born on 24 September 1957. From early childhood interested in warships and airplanes which led to a livelong passion regarding history, politics, literature, fantasy and science fiction. Also a successful business consultant with several Ebooks on business tips and tricks. But his great passion are alternative history books. Newest is the Novel "Seelöwe, the landing in England on July 21st 1940", launched on 24 st of December 2016 and the short story 'London has fallen' which is in the same timeline. He also wrote several other non alternative short stories that are available on Amazon.

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The Books of Peter Friedrich

Seelöwe, the landing in England on July 21st 1940 Alternate History by Peter Friedrich
ASIN (Kindle) : B01N7LIVT9

Seelöwe, the landing in England on July 21st 1940

This novel describes the fictional execution of Operation Sealion, the preparation of the landing (Part 1), the landing itself and the consequent conquest of England (part 2 and possibly 3).

The prerequisites for the implementation of Sealion were very high. The most important factor was the elimination of the RAF. This was not achieved at that time, very close, although it would have been possible. The mistake was to start the bombing of London on 7-9.40 before the RAF was completely turned off.

This marked the transition from a tactical fight against the English, for which the Luftwaffe was relatively well-suited to a strategic fight against the British, for which the Luftwaffe was not really suitable and had to fail because of the lack of heavy bombers and a lack of range, especially hunting.

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