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Matthew W. Quinn (b. 1984) grew up in Marietta, Georgia. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a dual degree in magazine journalism and history, his career has seen him reporting for one newspaper, editing two more, reporting for an online news service and a sports magazine, blogging for a cloud-computing firm and two film companies, and collecting Twitter feeds for online ad campaigns. His reporting has brought him into contact with presidential candidates, television celebrities, and notable authors and once earned him a commendation from the Georgia Department of Veterans' Service.

Throughout all of this, he has written science fiction, fantasy, and horror. His first sale was during his last year at college, when he sold "I am the Wendigo" to the webzine CHIMAERA SERIALS. Though 2008 saw three sales to a fantasy print magazine that failed before they could be published, 2009 saw the sale of "Skirmish at the Vale's Edge" to BattleCorps, the official BattleTech tie-in site. He made his first professional-level sale, "Coil Gun," to PRESSURE SUITE: DIGITAL SCIENCE FICTION #3 in 2011. In 2012, he began self-publishing some of his short stories for Amazon's Kindle, one of which was "I am the Wendigo." He also sold the Viking horror tale "Nicor" to HEROIC FANTASY QUARTERLY. Now his published stories and many more have come together in a new collection, FLASHING STEEL, FLASHING FIRE: TEN TALES OF VALOR AND IMAGINATION.

Matthew is also a regular participant in the podcast MYOPIA: DEFEND YOUR CHILDHOOD in which the movies you enjoyed as a child are put on trial to see if they hold up.

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The Books of Matthew W. Quinn

Flashing Steel, Flashing Fire Alternate History by Matthew W. Quinn
ISBN (Paperback) : 978-1499788310
ASIN (Kindle) : B00KRG11SM

"Coil Gun" and "Picking Up Plans In Palma" are both set in a world where the Dutch settle southern Africa 200 years earlier than in our history, leading to a Cold War between the US and the apartheid-like Afrikaner Confederation, a war that goes hot in 2001. "The Beast of the Bosporus" is "secret history"--it posits that the Ottoman vizier Sokullu Mehmed Pasha summoned a minor Lovecraftian horror in Constantinople after the Battle of Lepanto but that this is something not well-known to historians.

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Cosmic Hooey Alternate History Anthology including Matthew W. Quinn
ISBN (Paperback) : 978-1927598085
ASIN (Kindle) : B017CJ1ZZ0

A collection of original and remarkable Digital Science Fiction Short Story titles from new, established, and award winning science fiction writers, including: Scramble - by Martin L. Shoemaker Prospect of a World I Dream - by Alex Kane Across the Terminator - by David Tallerman Plotting War - by Chuck Rothman Picking Up Plans in Palma - by Matthew W. Quinn Burying Engines - by Marilyn K. Martin Catch a Fallen Star - by Jennifer Campbell-Hicks A Moment of Clarity - by R.L. Robinson & E.C. Forbes Entangled - by Rachael Acks Water Finds Its Path - by Robert Lowell Russell We know you'll enjoy these terrific science fiction stories.
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Pressure Suite Alternate History Anthology including Matthew W. Quinn
ISBN (Paperback) : 978-1927598092
ASIN (Kindle) : B016SEPGY6

Pressure Suite: Digital Science Fiction Anthology - Short Story Collection Book 3, is an anthology of original science fiction short stories from professional writers.
This release of Digital Science Fiction's anthology series delves into the corners of the human psyche to push and prod and demonstrate how our species acts under varying degrees of adversity.
We didn't intentionally seek out any particular theme - it emerged and developed its own life as if it was sentient and wanted to emphatically demonstrate its existence. From the slightly humorous to an in-depth look at how the mind can fragment under intense strain, these ten stories cover the gamut of human responses to pressure.
Ten original and remarkable stories by professional science fiction authors: - Matthew W. Quinn - Coil Gun - William R. Eakin - 50-Foot Woman Over Redgunk, Mississippi - Laura J. Campbell - Beyond Valhalla - R.J. Bell - Brae na rd - David Murphy - The Blanket Box - Kyle Aisteach - Pressure and the Argument Tree - James C. Glass - Skirmish at Heklara - Fox Mc Geever - The Crossing - Kate O'Connor - The Sun Dodgers - Jason Palmer - Son of Man
Digital Science Fiction Anthology 3 welcomes back Christine Clukey as editor.

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