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John F Keane is a member of the BSFA and has published both prose and poetry in a number of science fiction magazines, including Analog. In an academic capacity, he has also written about the social prototyping potential of science fiction in such prestigious management journals as Emergence and The International Journal of Advertising. His seminal paper Literary Praxiphorical Analysis: Using Science Fiction and Fantasy to Shape Organizational Futures (2014), co-authored with the prestigious management academics Bernard Burns and Gary Graham, is considered a classic of its kind.

The Books of John F. Keane

A Curious Development:
What if Ancient Man had Discovered Photography?
Alternate History & Science Fiction by John F. Keane
ASIN (Kindle) : B07XFGCC3K

Although the art of photography originated in the nineteenth century, it could and should have begun much earlier. While the ancient Greeks, Arabs and Chinese knew about the pinhole image or 'camera obscura', they lacked a chemical means of permanently capturing and 'fixing' these elusive light images. In A Curious Development, such a medium is provided in the form of a photosensitive fungus accidentally discovered by prehistoric cave dwellers.

Each story in A Curious Development explores the hypothetical impact of ancient photography on an alternative historical timeline. Famous personages such as Cleopatra, Jesus, Joan of Arc, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Vincent van Gogh, Charles Babbage, Hitler, Franco and Alan Turing all appear in radically altered circumstances. In short, A Curious Development explores the far-reaching impact of art and visual culture on civilisation.

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Lonely Ways Alternate History & Science Fiction by John F. Keane
ASIN (Kindle) : B079R5MFRY

John F Keane's selected short fiction, 2008-2017

13 tales of genes, love machines and digital ghosts; 6 parables of outcasts, lost texts, and unknown sorrows; 9 futures of drones, safe wars and mental castes.

Stories where science fiction, social allegory and magic realism meet on the edge of forever.

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