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Jeff Naparstek grew up in the Bronx and Spring Valley, New York. He was a prop master on hundreds of television commercials and has worked on dozens of feature films and television shows. He lives with his wife, Janet in Western North Carolina. Arab Messiah is his second novel.


The Books of Jeff Naparstek

The Arab Messiah Alternate History & Science Fiction by Jeff Naparstek
ASIN (Kindle) : B01AAOHW5Q

During the late 1960s, Carol Mahmud, a young American woman, the daughter of an Egyptian father and an Israeli mother, was a student on an archaeological dig in Egypt and was befriended by Mechel Al-Haged, a young Egyptian pathologist.

They develop a rapport and a relationship. During one of the digs, they enter the tomb of Menkaure, son of Cheops, and find the canopic burial jars. Mechel takes samples of the cells and is able to eventually reanimate them. He persuades Carol to allow him to implant some of them in her womb in an attempt to clone the ancient King. She agrees and unwittingly gives birth to a new Arab Messiah.

Right after the child is born, Carol is quickly ferried out of the country because of her American citizenship and her country's support of Israel, never being allowed to see the child she carried.

Over the years, he is groomed and educated as Mechel assumes the role of father and mentor. And as the child grows, he exhibits an increasing curiosity about his mother, but it is dissuaded by everyone around him.

As the decades pass, his charisma and stature have placed him in a position to become a unifying force in the Arab world.

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