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Jay Wolfe lives alone with his Unicorns and writes Science Fiction, Fantasy and Alternate History. Shadows of The Future is the next big thing...




The Books of Jay Wolfe

Yesterday's Empire Poetry with photographs by Jay Wolfe
ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-910718-01-8
ISBN (Hardback) : tba
ISBN (Kindle) : 978-1-910718-04-9

The paperback for Yesterday's Empire is available from Scimitar Bookshop for £5.50 including Postage & Packaging:-

The Kindle version is available direct from Amazon for £0.99

Shadows of the Future Alternate History by Jay Wolfe
ISBN (Paperback) : tba

Shadows of The Future is an alternate history rollercoaster ride through a world where the Mongols conquered Germany, and history of the last several hundred years has taken a divergent course.

Europe, 2010, and the Angevin Empire is swaying badly under repeated assault by the Lombard Empire.

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