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Giampietro Stocco was born in Rome, Italy, in 1961. He studied at the University the case of German-Danish national minorities in Schleswig-Holstein and Danish region Soenderyilland. This brought him to alternate history and fiction. Currently works as a journalist in RAI-TV.

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The Books of Giampietro Stocco

Nero Italiano Alternate History by Giampietro Stocco
ISBN (Paperback) : 9788887923773
ASIN (Kindle) : B010WF5EE4
Language: Italian

In Nero Italiano Stocco assumes that Fascism has survived to WWII in Italy. Von Stauffenberg's bomb has killed Hitler and Speer has taken power in Germany. The war ended in a sort of white peace. The novel shows an alternate Italy during the '70's where a woman, Maria De Carli, becomes Fascism's prominent figure. And the only opposition is made by the student's Political Movement. A journalist will investigate this world and become a part of it.

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Dea del Caos Alternate History by Giampietro Stocco
ISBN (Paperback) : 9788867758975
ASIN (Kindle) : B015TUJDH6
Language: Italian

In Dea del Caos the journalist Marco Diletti has become old: 30 years have passed since the events of Nero Italiano, but the menace of Fascism according to the views of Maria De Carli are still alive. Italy is divided into three parts. Marco Diletti and his daughter Bianca will have to fight hard to survive.

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La Corona Perduta Alternate History by Giampietro Stocco
ISBN (Paperback) : 9788898130078
Language: Italian

In La Corona Perduta Napoleon Bonaparte has been killed during the Italian Campaign and French Revolution has been crushed by the aristocratic Powers. In a XXth century Genoan Republic, surrounded by a divided Italy and a Spanish global superpower, spies, priests and ordinary people fight around a new and bizarre theme that someone calls democracy.

Nuovo Mondo Alternate History by Giampietro Stocco
ISBN (Paperback) : 9788882482305
Language: Italian

In Nuovo Mondo Cristopher Columbus discovers the Caribbean, but he finds out someone has arrived before and colonized this island and the Americas. Together with Leonardo da Vinci he will be given the task to take contact with this civilizations, but he'll soon discover that King Ferdinand of Spain has some peculiar aims.

Dalle Mie Ceneri Alternate History by Giampietro Stocco
ISBN (Paperback) : 9788895724263
Language: Italian

In Dalle mie ceneri Stocco imagines that Falkland-Malvinas war has been won by Argentine. South America is almost united under a flag. Communism and fascism are deeply connected in a spy story whose primary character, Rico, is a veteran of the war. He is given the task to investigate the mysterious death of thousands of people in Argentine after the left-oriented government has taken power. But things are much more complicated than it seems...