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Brian Trenchard-Smith has been directing movies and television since the 1970's, with 42 titles to date. 'Alice Through The Multiverse' is his first novel, a wry time travel⁄alternate history⁄spy thriller.

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Alice Through The Multiverse Alternate History by Brian Trenchard-Smith
ISBN (Paperback): 978-1983540868
ASIN (Kindle) : B0791W6KPC

ALICE awakens in a psychiatric hospital believing she is the daughter of a 16th century executioner. Is she insane? Or has a portal in the multiverse opened to a past life, where Alice and her outlaw lover are hunted by a corrupt noble and his henchmen? What is the agenda of the handsome young doctor who kidnaps her? Why will Security Agents kill to possess her? Get ready for a time paradox roller coaster ride, blending thriller genres in a sardonic take on history, destiny, and timeless love.

Join Alice as she is catapulted back and forth between deadly conspiracies beyond her understanding. But Alice is resourceful and brave...

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