Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire
by D.F. Pellegrino

Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire Alternate History by D.F. Pellegrino
ASIN (Kindle) : B00JBSI0UY

What would have happened if the fall of the USSR led to something other than the emergence of modern Russia? What would the world look like if Boris Yeltsin died during the August Coup of 1991 and little known Russian nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky emerged as the president of the new Soviet Union?

What would the world look like if the cold war never ended... even if communism did?

In the Turtledove Award winning novel Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire, we visit a dystopian world where the USSR becomes the Union of Independent States, a quasi-fascist dictatorship that proves to be even more threatening than the Soviet Union of old. We visit a world where the 1990s become a decade of global anarchy, economic depression, and genocide. And where the entire planet is held hostage by the world most frightening politician: Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

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The cover photograph for Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire came from the online photo service Fotolia, and was designed by Artyon Belozyorov.