Xaghra's Revenge
by Geoff Nelder

Xaghra's Revenge Alternate History by by Geoff Nelder

ISBN (Paperback) : 978-1625266224
ASIN (Kindle) : B0746PHZKR

In the summer of 2017 Solstice Publishing released my historical fiction novel XAGHRA'S REVENGE. It crosses genres of history, fantasy and horror. It is based on the true mass abduction of 5,000 people by pirates from the Mediterranean island of Gozo, off Malta.

Ten years ago I went on holiday to the charming Mediterranean island of Malta and its sister island, Gozo. I knew about the Siege of Malta in the Second World War and how the island was awarded the Maltese Cross in recognition of the endurance and bravery of its people. I also knew of the 1565 Great Siege of Malta when a huge armada of Ottoman fighters under the instructions of Solomon the Great attacked Malta, but were defeated. I did not know that in 1551 a similar attempt was thwarted but the pirate mercenaries led by Admiral Rais Dragut (various spellings) abducted the entire population of Gozo. The 5,000 people were taken in the fleet of 150 corsairs to be sold as slaves and the best-looking women into harems. Many infants, elderly and unfit Gozitans were thrown overboard enroute. Those souls from Gozo have cried out for revenge and I've given it to them in Xaghra's Revenge.

I spent two years on research, much of it in Malta's Melitensia Library. I walked every inch of Gozo and with the help of interested locals I visited undocumented underground chambers as well as one of the world's oldest buildings.

Xaghra's Revenge When Reece and Zita become lovers, past and present collide as the spirits of their ancestors force them to relive one of the greatest battles of the 16th century.

Xaghra's Revenge follows the fate of a sixteenth century abducted family, and of two contemporary lovers thrown together by the ancients. Reece and Zita are unaware that one descends from the pirates, the other from the abducted family. While ancient Gozo spirits seek revenge, so do the Ottoman Corsairs, who intend to roll back history, and this time win the siege of Malta.

The history is real. The places are authentic. The tension and excitement are palpable.

"A gripping tale, full of energy and mystery, keeping you wanting for more with every line you read." John Bonello, First-Prize Winner of the Malta National Book Award

"I liked it. There's a foreground of interesting characters combined with a skilfully fed-in hint of weirdness." Jaine Fenn - Hidden Empire series

Xaghra's Revenge is available in paperback at :- http://hyperurl.co/y953ga
Xaghra's Revenge is available in Kindle format at :- http://mybook.to/Xaghra

The Cover artist is Andy Bigwood, who normally paints art for science fiction and fantasy novels. He created a font especially for Xaghra's Revenge to take in the special H character in the Maltese alphabet.

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