The Mailed Fist
by Grey Wolf

The Mailed Fist Alternate History ⁄ Science Fiction by Grey Wolf
Published by Wolfian Press Publications (Paperback)
Published by Wolfian Press (Kindle)
ISBN (Paperback) : 9781910718902   ‡   ASIN (Kindle): B00D8L89L0

Our hero works in a publishing firm, frequents pubs that play live music, and the love of his life is a fast and loose girl called Sophie. Normal life begins to take a turn for the worse when an alien artifact approaches the Moon bases of the major Earth empires, and then begins to approach the Earth.

Set in an alternate history where man has colonised the Moon, The Mailed Fist examines how society handles impending doom. Dance the last dance.

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As this encapsulated the opening scenes of the novella, it has continued to serve its purpose.