The Archimedean Heart
by BJ Sikes

The Archimedean Heart Alternate History by BJ Sikes
ISBN (Paperback) : 978-0997437553
ASIN (kindle): B01FD0R9DW

Paris 1880, the City of Light: Clockwork nobles of the Court promenade through the halls of Versailles, while Watcher spheres and cyborg police menace citizens in the streets. Adelaide, the Royal Physician Scientist works frantically on an automaton designed to replace the failing sovereigns, but will it be ready in time to save the monarchy?

In the cafes of Montmartre, Henri paints the common people chafing under the reign of the Augmented monarchs and dreams of a France free of machines. John yearns to capture the essence of beauty in his paintings with the luminous Marie-Ange his muse - and handmaid to the ancient Queen of France. With his brother Henri entangled in revolution, he must choose between the artificial beauty of Court and the movement to restore France.
How much humanity can be lost before you are no longer human?

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The cover artist for 'The Archimedean Heart' was Eloise Knapp at EK Cover Design:-

The cover image is based on a statue in the Gardens of Versailles. Eloise included symbols of Aphrodite (the rose, dove, and seashell) to symbolize beauty, one of the themes of the book.