Tecumseh's Pan Indigenous Individuals Confederacy
by Anthony P. Drabczyk

Tecumseh's Pan Indigenous Individuals Confederacy
- A Fourth Nation in North America
Alternate History by Anthony P. Drabczyk

Published 2019
ISBN (Paperback) : 9781793492036

Synopsis of the book: The book takes the reader on a journey into the culture, people, and events that nurture a young boy with recognized leadership ability, to become a Great Shawnee Chief named Tecumseh. Under his guidance, and with alternative outcomes to just a few key historical events, a Fourth Nation in North America could be possible. Cultural influences that change the outcome include religion, government, language, and perceptions about geography. Key individuals all contributed to charting a different course including Cheeseekau, Buckongahelas, Blue Jacket, Lord Dorchester, General Wayne, the Prophet, Iroquois, and Indigenous specialists. Events like the American Revolution, invasion by white settlers', the Glaze, Tecumseh/Harrison meetings, battles like Fallen Timber, Tippecanoe, Fort Meigs, Lake Erie, the war of 1812, and the Ghent Treaty, also modify the story. Friends like General Brock, as well as adversaries like General Harrison, had a great admiration for Chief Tecumseh's abilities as a leader and nation builder. Readers will learn how his singular vision and a lifetime of hard work resulted in Tecumseh's reality of the Pan Indigenous Individuals Confederacy which is alive today and larger than five Midwest states.

Why did you write the book? I have always been interested in the biographies of important individuals, and how their initiatives impacted history. Chief Tecumseh was one such leader that influenced not only his people, but the course of history. Moreover, I felt strongly that indigenous people have not been treated or portrayed fairly in USA history. This project satisfied two objectives in one: exploring the character of a great man, and imaging a fair and balanced result for an overlooked population.

Author's thoughts about the book: I spent the last 24 years of my career teaching graduate level research and leadership so I deal with facts, and I wanted the book to convey a story that really could have occurred. I deconstructed historically relevant sources, and pinpointed where a slight change in the chain of events would have taken subsequent actions in a different direction. It was amazing how just slight tweaks to events might enable an alternative reality.

Book notes: To get to the facts of culture, people, and events, I looked for authors that had factual depth in their books. Scholars like Eckert (American), Poling Sr., and Carstens and Sanford (Canadian), and Sugden (British), yielded insights from respective historical figures and events that shaped consequences. I applied a total of 16 fact based references to generate this alternate history of Tecumsehís success.

About the author: My career has been in human development and organization development, but I started as a US History teacher. I read a lot of documented materials relative to individual and group accomplishments in events.

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