Shadows of The Future
by Jay Wolfe

Shadows of the Future Alternate History by Jay Wolfe
Published by Purple Unicorn Media
ISBN (Paperback) : tba

Shadows of The Future is an alternate history rollercoaster ride through a world where the Mongols conquered Germany, and history of the last several hundred years has taken a divergent course.

Europe, 2010, and the Angevin Empire is swaying badly under repeated assault by the Lombard Empire.

Added to its woes are a worsening political scene at home, exacerbated by military setbacks, and a growing extremism that seeks to impose a puritanical vision by way of a reaction to the crisis.

General James Wolfe is a veteran of many a campaign, and now finds himself dealing with one of the greatest decisions of his life.

The cover for Shadows of The Future was digitally created by Mark Fleming of Rumblebook

It is a composite of a scene from the novel, showing the barbarity of modern warfare mixed in with the technology of the times, as shown in the submachine guns and the helicopter overhead.