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Ruth Danes has enjoyed history and fiction since childhood and has travelled widely within three continents. These interests and experiences were the inspiration for the Life on another island series which is set in a world where many characters unexpectedly start new lives in foreign, sometimes seemingly hostile, lands.
Ruth currently lives in the heart of England and works in administration. Writing novels forms her secret life.

The first book - North of the Azores is published by Rogue Phoenix Press - and the second, also called Life on Another Island will be published in November 2018. The third book - The heiress to the fairy tales - will be published in early 2019

The Books of Ruth Danes

North of The Azores Alternate History & Fantasy by Ruth Danes
ASIN (Kindle) : B0761NJXSM

The year is 1780 and the Devil's Isles, a group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, have recently been conquered by Britain after a brief war. The inhabitants of the Devil's Isles practise magic and both human and animal sacrifice. Nebula, a young princess from the islands, struggles with this and is beginning to question what she has been taught.

Aware of a plot to kill everyone on the islands, Nebula defects to the British side where she takes on a new identity and a new life. Under the name Adeliza, she works in England as a maid for a Dr Moon. Only two men know her real identity; the kind-hearted doctor and the seemingly terrifying Mr Lastman.

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