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Mark Gillespie is the author of 'FAB' and 'The Outsider Tales'. A former professional musician and freelance sports writer, Mark recently relocated from Scotland to Australia. Fortunately, he hasn't seen a single snake, shark or deadly spider yet. In the meantime, he writes speculative fiction - alternate histories, post-apocalyptic, and horror. You can find out more about Mark at

The Books of Mark Gillespie

FAB Alternate History by Mark Gillespie
ASIN (Kindle) : B0191R22HG

What if John Lennon Had Lived?
December 8th 1980
Murphy 'Jagger' Salmon - ageing hippy, part-time drunk and Rolling Stones fan, is on his way home from the pub when he accidentally saves John Lennon from the assassin's bullet.

By way of thanks, Jagger is offered a job working for the former Beatle and the two men quickly become friends.

But as the 1980s move forward, things quickly get out of control. When Lennon suffers a couple of career setbacks, he tries to win back the adulation of his fans by moving into politics.

But the 1980s version of John Lennon is a far cry from the radical left-winger of old. And much to Jagger's horror, when Lennon quickly becomes an unstoppable force in American politics, the working-class hero is transformed into a right-wing poster boy.

There's even talk of a Beatle in the White House.

'FAB' is a fast-paced, rip-roaring ride through the 1980s - a decade in which greed was good and shoulder pads made sense. It was an era of uncertainty - of Cold War and nuclear weapons. 'FAB' also pokes fun at our obsession with celebrity, whilst fondly recalling some of the unique fashions and pop culture moments that made the 1980s so unforgettable.

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