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John R. Stuart is the author of the series - REBEL EMPIRE which creates a world where the Confederate States of America won the American Civil War and the consequences of that victory on the history of the world. The author was born and raised in Toronto, however he is now a resident of Cambridge, Ontario. He was a Telecom engineer for 33 years with Bell Canada and is a father of two children and grandfather of three amazing grandsons, Dylan, Dorian & Daniel. John is a huge fan of muscle cars, vintage rock n roll as well as classic adventure, fantasy and mystery novels.

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The Books of John R. Stuart

Gettysburg Redux Alternate History by John R. Stuart
ISBN : 9780991833702
ASIN (Kindle) : B009EBPNAS

Veteran Confederate Sergeant Ben Gallows has lived through the blood and terror of the first two years of the American Civil War, but nothing in that period could have prepared him for the madness and chaos of Gettysburg.
Under attack by both the Yankees and enemies from within his own regiment will expose him to his greatest challenges.
Robert E. Lee has fallen to a Yankee sniper just as the battle of Gettysburg commences. Rebel General James Longstreet has spiraled down into madness and drunkenness and must now lead his Tattered Wolves into the most pivotal battle of the war. Can he overcome his own demons and military opponents to defeat the overwhelming Yankee army?
Gettysburg Redux presents an alternative version of the American Civil War. Could a single sniperís bullet change the course of history?

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Rebels & Desperados Alternate History by John R. Stuart
ISBN : 9780991833726
ASIN (Kindle) : B00FRKG91C

The year is 1888. Young Confederate secret agent and outlaw -'Black' Judah Lee is the most wanted man in all of North America. His alliance with the Métis warrior nation and his daring bank and train robberies in the Disputed Territories of Dakota and Assiniboia have brought him to the attention of the grim and bloodthirsty Mountie - Superintendent Thornton.
Lee and his psychotic partner Drake Kensington have barely managed to avoid capture, but the Mounties and Pinkerton's are closing in! Lee has fallen into a world populated by gamblers, rebels, renegade Indians, outlaws, murderers, desperados and whores; his crucial mission to aid the Confederacy hangs in the balance as he blazes a trail of blood and murder across the West.

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For The Good of the Confederacy Alternate History by John R. Stuart
ISBN : 9780991833740
ASIN (Kindle) : B00TM02HFU

For the Good of the Confederacy is the third book in the REBEL EMPIRE series. The Union lost the American Civil War in 1863 after the climactic battle of Serpents Mounds and the by the year 1900 the Confederate States of America has become a World power. Having defeated the British Army in Canada the Confederacy now rules most of North America. Now allied with France, the United Germanic Empire and the Empire of Japan the Confederacy has been fighting an all out war with the armies of Britain in both Europe and the Orient.

FOR THE GOOD OF THE CONFEDERACY continues the exploits of Confederate agent provocateur - Black Judah Lee as he searches for his nemesis - the deadly Mountie Robert Thornton. In a tale of revenge and war that sweeps from the jungles of the Orient to battlefields of France, Lee continues to leave a wake of death and bloodshed behind him.

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Confederate Knights Alternate History by John R. Stuart
ISBN (Paperback) :
ASIN (Kindle) :

Confederate Knights is the fourth book in the REBEL EMPIRE series. This novel takes place in France after a war between France and Britain has been fought, with France now divided by a wall, dividing the British occupied west and the eastern portion controlled by the French - German alliance.

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Ramble On Alternate History by John R. Stuart
ISBN : 9780991833733
ASIN (Kindle) : B00JNCKEW0

Sex, drugs and rock n roll were the main focus of army brat drug dealer Jessie Cayne when he rolled into Texas in 1988. Once he arrived in El Paso he landed a position on the Championship football team and he began to push his drugs amongst the elite students of his new high school. His life is further complicated as he falls into a steamy love triangle. He's betting his future on an Ivy League University football scholarship but his involvement with the deadly Mexican drug cartel threatens to destroy not only him but those he loves.

Ramble On is as close to a fast paced action movie as is possible to be found in a book. Featuring great story telling, detailed believable characters as well as thrilling action, this book doesnít pull any punches on its roller coaster ride to its fateful conclusion.

Ramble On... comes with a recommended play list of classic rock songs to be listened to during the story.

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