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I was born in New York City on February 24th, 1949. That makes me a Pisces - the dreamer. Makes sense. I attended Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff, Arizona, where I received my undergraduate degree in writing, and my graduate degree in history. I've had short stories published in most genres, and have four books on Amazon: the Mars adventure The Healer, the time travel/alternate history romance Cherries in Winter, the eerie urban fantasy In the Shadow of the House of God, and the paranormal comedy Uncle Billy's Chicken Hut & Salvation Emporium. I'm interested in the technical aspects of UFO's, and I live in an area famous for the sightings of them - Tucson, Arizona; land of breathtaking natural vistas, and brain boiling summers.

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The Books of Jeffrey G. Roberts

Cherries In Winter Alternate History & Science Fiction by Jeffrey G. Roberts
ISBN (Paperback): 978-1515043270
ASIN (Kindle) : B011J8TR3W

It has been said that the veil which separates the past from the present is not as immutable as one might think. Some have compared time to a spiral. But what if we could jump from spiral to spiral? A more terrifying thought: what if it accidentally happened? My science fiction/historical romance story CHERRIES IN WINTER, was inspired by two events that actually occurred- one at the turn of the last century, and one in the 1930's. These are only two amongst many documented cases. But what if it could have happened again?

When an F-22 Raptor fighter pilot in 2016 is on a routine training mission with three other Raptors, he suddenly finds himself slammed by an unknown energy cloud. And when he regains control of his jet- he finds himself alone in the sky! All attempts at communication prove futile. But when his plane's main computer inexplicably begins to seriously malfunction, he must land. And when he does, he realizes with horror that something is very wrong- as he touches down on a Royal Flying Corps airfield- in 1916! And the shattering paradox of a massive supersonic 21st century fighter next to tiny WW I biplanes, is the least of his problems. It is wartime. The dangers of the enemy becoming aware of an F-22 would be incalculable. How do you hide it? Keep it secret?

But then the unthinkable happens: while desperately trying to lay low, and find a way home- he falls in love with a British girl. Now he must keep his true identity from her, he must make certain the Germans do not become aware of him, he must be careful not to do anything that might jeopardize the natural course of history, he must find a way back to 2016, plus now he must contemplate the impossible: how to return to the 21st century with the woman he loves - without her ageing 100 years!

Incredibly, he does. But with a twist he could not have imagined. For now they're both strangers in a strange land.

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The Healer Alternate History & Science Fiction by Jeffrey G. Roberts
ISBN (Paperback): 978-1626468641
ASIN (Kindle) : B00IBTNIMO

What happens when a 22nd century doctor, on sabbatical to Mars, finds himself- through terrorism-stranded- 168 years and 150 million miles from his loved ones? He is on a violent & primitive world - ours! How will he survive in modern day Anchorage, Alaska? Moreover, how will he heal the sick using 2181 medical technology, and risk exposing his true identity? But while he dreams of someday returning to his own time, and family, he has no choice; for he is - THE HEALER

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In The Shadow of the House of God Urban Fantasy by Jeffrey G. Roberts
ISBN (Paperback): 978-1947584204
ASIN (Kindle) : B07BJHBX6W

Hatred has run amuck in our civilization. Blood is being shed planet-wide, as mutual animosities, suspicions and antagonisms between the 34,000 religions on Earth threatens to erupt into Armageddon. And this is where the devil devises an insidious plan to take advantage of all man's hate, once and for all. He makes a wager with God: "I believe humanity is basically vulgar, vicious, and filled with wondrous hatreds. I'll wager, if you pluck one representative of every religion on Earth, and place them in a titanic structure of your own design, beyond time & space, eventually - they'll slaughter each other!" God thinks for a moment - and accepts the wager! But every wager has a condition, a price. The stakes here? Creation itself! But there is something the devil does not know. And for three people facing imminent death - a Hindu from India, a Christian from San Diego, and an agnostic from Vancouver, B.C. - what plays out in this interdimensional arena, will forge lasting friendships - as the devil and God look down on this cosmic chess match to observe what happens next. A new age of peace? Or hell on Earth?

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