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Jared Kavanagh lives in Australia. He attempted writing as an occupation after trying over seventy other jobs in his life. None of those jobs have lasted more than a couple of years. He plans to keep writing for much longer than that.

His shortest job lasted three hours. He had been told the job was graphic design, but when he started the job turned out to be data entry. So he went on an early lunch break and never came back. He quickly learned not to list most of his jobs on his résumé after one interviewer asked him when he was going to stop his career promiscuity. He decided it was easier to stop listing most jobs than it was to stop the career promiscuity.

Walking Through Dreams is his first alternate history novel.

The Books of Jared Kavanagh

Walking Through Dreams Part 1 of Lands of Red and Gold
Alternate History by Jared Kavanagh
ASIN (Kindle) : B082598J11

Imagine a world where a new crop, the red yam, emerged in Australia thousands of years ago. The red yam changed societies across the continent as a new form of farming spread.

When Europeans first visit Australia's shores, they find a land that is alien to everything they know. A land of many new cultures, of ancient cities, proud warriors, new faiths, and dangerous diseases. A land of gold and spices. A land of temptation, where the European trading companies seek to claim new wealth wherever they can find it.

This is the tale of the new cultures which emerged in changed Australia, and of the collision of cultures when Europeans arrive. A tale of commerce and would-be conquistadors. A time of challenge, where the question is whether this new land of gold will also be stained with blood.

Walking Through Dreams is available in Kindle format at :-
Kindle US - www.amazon.com/Walking-Through-Dreams-Lands-Gold-ebook/dp/B082598J11
Kindle UK - www.amazon.co.uk/Walking-Through-Dreams-Lands-Gold-ebook/dp/B082598J11
Kindle Australia - www.amazon.com.au/Walking-Through-Dreams-Lands-Gold-ebook/dp/B082598J11/