by Grey Wolf

Götterdämmerung Alternate History by Grey Wolf
Published by Wolfian Press
ISBN (Paperback) : 978-1291590548   ‡   ISBN (Hardback) : 9781291648386
ASIN (Kindle) : B00E5IMU3I

Götterdämmerung is a collection of several short stories covering events after the German invasion of Britain. We see the United States attempt a nuclear coup, and move on to the cataclysmic clash between Nazi Germany and the USA, before the last story The Führer Legacy examines the world a decade later.

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The cover for Götterdämmerung was digitally created by Dean Roberts

As is self-evident it features a broken and burning Swastika, as Götterdämmerung, the Twilight of the Gods, engulfs the Reich.