December Radio
by Lazlo Ferran

December Radio Alternate History by Lazlo Ferran
ISBN (Paperback) : 978-1942981473
ASIN (Kindle): B01A078FL8

December Radio, Book 2 of the series 'Wartime' that began with 'Attack Hitler's Bunker!' speculates on what would have happened had the Nazi's built and detonated a viable nuclear bomb.

February 1945: despite the Allies turning the tide of war, the Nazis are almost ready to test their ultimate weapon off the coast of America. A weapon which could win them the War.

Two Dutch brothers are thrown into a chaotic world of spies, traitors and scientists when Arnaud is incarcerated in a concentration camp as a dissident and forced to work on the secret weapon project. Their mother begs his older brother, Carl, to find him and bring him home.

A fascist who loves only smart clothes, jazz and women, Carl disowns his brother. But after witnessing a murder, he is forced to hold a mirror up to himself.

Arnaud is desperate to stop the project. But he is dying, hanging on, hoping his brother will come...

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The cover for December Radio developed through a process, as described by the author:-

I did an initial visual which was partly inspired by a cover version of Gravity's rainbow - with a v2 rocket in 3 different colours, But obviously I wanted a bomb. Then I decided to go for a subliminal message about the concentration camps as well as the SS stripy logo. In fact one of the early visuals had the bomb on a poster flaking off the wall of a bombed out building and an SS officer and concentration camp man (both indicated by their caps) looking up at it. The final result is a lot better; more subtle.

The cover, once designed, was painted by hand by Omri Koresh who also did the Ordo Lupus series covers.