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David W. Thompson is a native of Southern Maryland, and a graduate of University of Maryland, University College. Prior to retirement from a position with a major Aerospace Corporation, he tried his hand at a variety of occupations- from grocery store clerk to warehousing, from shoveling coal to a four year stint with the U.S. Army. When he isn't writing, he enjoys time with his family and grandchildren, kayaking (mostly flat water please), fishing, hiking, hunting, wine-making, and pursuing his other "creative passion" - woodcarving.

After his family and cheesecake, reading was his first love. It exposed him to people, cultures and ideas he'd never experience otherwise. Writing was a natural extension of this "out of body" experience as characters carved little niches in his mind- showing their worlds, and their possibilities. He hopes to honestly convey the stories they whisper in his ears.

Twitter: @Thompson_DavidW
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Website: www.dthompsonwrites.com

The Books of David W. Thompson

Sister Witch, The Life of Moll Dyer Alternate History & Fantasy Fiction by David W. Thompson
ISBN (Paperback): 978-1973105756
ASIN (Kindle) : B076KR626G

This hist-fic is inspired by the life (and death) of the 17th century accused witch. The novel's setting is Colonial America and is based on historical evidence as well as local oral tradition surrounding her legend. Elements of the paranormal and magical realism are blended in the mix.

Moll Dyer prays she can leave her troubles behind when she immigrates to the new world, but a paranormal threat grows, and soon follows her across the ocean to Maryland.

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