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Claude Stahl is a hobby historian, a retired teacher, and has assisted several researchers in projects regarding WW2 history.

His interest in the matter brought him to write books based on alternative history and fictions centered on mysteries of WW2.

He is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and enjoys riding whenever he can, dividing his time between California, Arizona, and Germany.

The Books of Claude Stahl

Rommel's Game Alternate History by Claude Stahl
ISBN (Paperback): 978-1728602103
ASIN (Kindle) : B07H9D6X6X

This exciting and thought provoking alternative history is observed through the eyes of a young German war correspondent.

With Rommel at its heart, the book chronicles many details of German war culture and places, describing military and civilian affairs in Nazi Germany during and after the war.

The setting is ten years after Germanys partial 1943 victory and its subsequent reconciliation with its former enemies when Joseph the German war correspondent, meets with Cliff his American counterpart and old friend to describe his own, first-hand, account of how the road to Germany's victory began with Rommel and his success in North Africa.

The book chronicles several real life battles in North Africa and the Mediterranean and the Desert Fox's subsequent push north, towards the Russian Caucasus. It also provides a unique insight into life in Germany beyond the victory parade, including a personal invitation from Dr. Goebbels and details of a murderous plot against the Führer, the plot that prevented Rommel to play the ultimate rôle and one that would change the Third Reich forever.

Rommel's Game: Victory at Al Alamein and Towards the Caucasus is an exciting fantasy novel that offers a compelling alternative history, whilst maintaining the important facts. World War II enthusiasts will be mesmerized at what could have been diving into Rommel's campaign in North Africa, Malta, Syria and Russia, and his critical role in forever changing the course of world history.

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D-Day Repulsed Alternate History by Claude Stahl
ASIN (Kindle) : B07J5XB33T

It is the spring of 1944 and the outcome of World War II hangs in the balance, everything now hinges on an imminent Allied Invasion into France, D-Day. If the invasion is successful the Allies win, if it fails Germany will be the victor.

Field Marshal Rommel is convinced a change in strategy and new weapons will stop the Allies, all he has to do is to convince the Fuhrer and The German High Command before it is too late.

Meanwhile, two brothers stand on the opposite side of the channel, each one dedicate to his own particular band of brothers. In occupied France a young German soldier stands alongside his fellow troops, despite his apprehension at what lies ahead he knows he must do everything to fulfil his duties and maintain his honour in the oncoming hell that will be the battle for the beaches.

In England an ambitious young GI has completed his training and impatiently awaits the order to embark on the boats heading for the Normandy beaches, knowing that when he disembarks he will be facing the guns and might of the German Army, and haunted by the thought that his own brother is somewhere in occupied Europe.

In this exciting historical fantasy novel that explains Rommel's alternative strategy and explores what could have been the outcome if he had won his struggle with his own high command, we experience the daily life and preparations of ordinary soldiers as invasion nears, and through explicit battle scenes, explore the bloody horror of the D-Day invasion through the eyes of two brothers whom fate has cast on opposing sides.

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