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Charles E.P. Murphy is from the U.K. and determined to write things that other people will, presumably, read. He is very sorry that he did that violent thing to the character you liked. Murphy has currently written and co-written six books - two horror, two spy stories, and two alternate histories.

The Books of Charles Murphy

Chamberlain Resigns Chamberlain Resigns And Other Things That Did Not Happen
Alternate History by Charles E.P. Murphy
ASIN (Kindle) : B07SX56WRB

At a crucial moment in the war, Neville Chamberlain - Britain's greatest Prime Minister - resigns?
Impossible as that seems, it could have happened.
In this collection of essays, we look at six ways that the European Great War and the world it made could have gone differently. From that old standby, "What if Germany had invaded Ireland?"to new counterfactuals such as "What if Japan had joined the war?", we aim to challenge what we all think we know.
Are our ideas correct or are they wrong? If only another world could tell us...

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Events - Prime Ministers During the Alien Era Alternate History & Science Fiction by Charles E.P. Murphy
ISBN (Paperback): ISBN
ASIN (Kindle) : BO1MT9UPU2

We may never know if Harold Macmillan ever said "events, dear boy" are what derail governments, but we do know an alien attack on Barry Island derailed his.

"Events" seeks to cast a new eye on Britain's leaders during the so-called "Alien Era" from the Roswell cover-up to the current interstellar war - from the Swinging Sixties and the space race to the Sordid Seventies and the Third World War - the revival of the Liberals and the creation of the British Union Party - the secret invasions and shadowy counter-alien units to the Occupation of '96 - and the political civil wars over everything from the EEC to Section 28.

In the midst of both calm and chaos, with pacifists undone by war and leaders by backbenchers and establishments by Grand System infiltrators, the question remains how much of the premier's success comes down to their own personal skills and how much of it from events outside their control?

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