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I am a retired criminal attorney with an MA in European History (Purdue, 1982). I read my first book about World War I when I was in 2nd grade, and I have been fascinated by the subject ever since. "Gray Tide in the East" was inspired by Barbara Tuchman's "Guns of August", which contains the story about the Kaiser's attempt to stop the invasion of Belgium, and forms the basis for the novel. I have been pondering this incident ever since I discovered it: what would have been the historical consequences if the Kaiser had not backed down?

My goals in writing alternate history are to both entertain and educate, using historical research as the basis for the events in my books (as opposed to just making stuff up, like some of my AH colleagues, no names need be mentioned), and by using real historical personages wherever and whenever I can. I like to think of my books as "thought experiments" in history, written with as much rigor as possible by using the tools of the historian, while casting the action in a form accessible to the intelligent layman, who may have only a passing knowledge of the particular subject. This is why I also include explanatory Afterwords in my books, while, for the more serious AH geeks and students of history, I provide a bibliographical essay setting forth the historical sources for the incidents described in my novels.

I am the father of two children and a chinchilla, and the author of a YA novel entitled "The Giant Chinchilla of Oz", in honor of the latter. I am at present mulling over a possible third book in the Gray Tide series.

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The Books of Andrew J Heller

Gray Tide in the East Alternate History by Andrew J Heller
ISBN (Paperback) : 978-0857792877
ASIN (Kindle) : B00DD4HKEE

An alternative history of the First World War. A vivid, realist and exciting fictional account of events in 1914 following the decision by the German Kaiser, Wilhelm II, to withdraw his troops massed at the Belgian border and to re-deploy them against Russia instead - if that decision had not been reversed.

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Tidal Effects Alternate History by Anthony J Heller
ISBN (Paperback) : 978-0857793539
ASIN (Kindle) : B00MX4L9BA

Tidal Effects consists of the novellas 'High Tide' and 'Rip Tide' and forms the sequel to 'Gray Tide in the East'.

Tidal Effects follows the events in Gray Tide in the East, firstly as conflict arises with the USA over Germany's attempt to build a major naval base on their newly acquired colony of Martinique, and then as Germany tries to exert its influence over the troubled Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The story is seen through the eyes of real people drawn from history, and based on thorough historical research.

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Full Tide A compendium of both the above books, 'Gray Tide in the East' and 'Tidal Effects' has been released under the name of 'Full Tide'. In addition to the two books, it contains copius illustrations and has a new 3000 word afterword on the effects of the First World War on military technology.

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If the North Had Won the Civil War Alternate History by Andrew J Heller
ISBN (Paperback) : 978-1518742651
ASIN (Kindle) : B0175BQJII

If the North Had Won the Civil War is two alternate history novels in one. The modern story follows Stonewall Jackson "Jack" Sawyer, a history professor in the modern day Confederate States of America, and his alternate history "If the North Had Won the Civil War" in a nation where publication of his book is a criminal offense.

The story gives the reader a look at a nightmarish modern-day Confederacy where any person with a drop of Black blood in his veins is denied basic human rights and confined to a "Preserve". Interwoven with the adventures of Jack, his fiancee Annabelle Parkins, his friend and fellow history professor Buzz Hanson and his girlfriend, the mulatto escort, Lydia Starkwell is Jack's book.

This is an alternate history of the Civil War written with the painstaking historical authenticity, and attention to detail that Mr. Heller's fans have come to expect. The characters in this book-within-a-book are actual figures in the Civil War and the military tactics and strategies are based on those of the historical war.

The fiction is followed by a lively and informative factual discussion of the Civil War, and a bibliographic essay. Among the legions of Civil War fans, lovers of military history and alternate history geeks, this book will undoubtedly spark debate and controversy; and for those who know little or nothing about the subject, it will provide a lively and thought-provoking introduction to what is arguably the most important event in American history.

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Gray Tide in the East, Tidal Effects, If the North Had Won the Civil War.