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Anaïs Grace is a pseudonym for an author with more than a dozen published works in other genres. Princess Absolute is her first alternative history.

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Princess Absolute Alternate History & Science Fiction by Anaïs Grace
ASIN (Kindle) : B07MY35G5D

Imagine a world where women had always been in charge . . .

In the Kingdom of Pergamon, ever so long ago: Princess Rose is the absolute ruler. Her subjects exist to do her bidding and the bidding of the other powerful women who serve her. Most boys and men are there only for amusement and gratification of the Court ladies. The boy Brendan is different - he has talent.

His great talent with horses lands him a place in the royal stables where the other twenty-nine grooms are all girls. The grooms and all those lovely women in Rose's army see Brendan as a prize. But the Princess has her eye on him as well. To win the Princess he has to remain pure. But can a boy honestly expect to resist the wiles of all those pretty soldier girls? Gulp.

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