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AlternateHistory.com One of the oldest alternate history discussion boards on the net, and certainly the largest English-language one, AlternateHistory.com hosts vibrant debate allo-historical topics, a Writers' Forum for fiction, fora dedicated to games, media and maps in the genre, as well as lively social and political discussion.

Writers-Ark.com Writers Ark is a new board set up by experienced writers, and exists both within the Alternate History community and for the Writing Community in general.

AlternateHistoryFiction at Yuku.com Alternate History Fiction at Yuku has a thriving fiction forum where works including Tom B's Operation Unicorn can be viewed, discussed and are in effect archived.

What If Machine What If Machine is discussion forum for fans of alternate history, futurology, science fiction and fantasy, plus nation simulation and roleplaying games.

Alternate Timelines at Proboards.com This is the alternate timelines forum where Alternative History in general can be discused and where you find the alternate history created by Lordroel, its owner.
Alternate Timelines is a small but busy alternate history forum.
It is a place where alternate history is discussed and much creative writing done. There are thriving Chat and PolChat sections plus much anime discussion too. Maps, graphics: it's all being represented.

Sargon's Stronghold Welcome to the Stronghold! Leave your armour and weapons at the gatehouse, find a table at the inn, and settle down to conversation with the inhabitants.

Speculative Thought Unlike other althistory forums, this now includes fictional alternate scenarios for the purpose of generating ideas for fanfiction.

Steve'S AH Place

Endless Worlds

The Writers Club


Alternate History Websites

Never Was Magazine Never Was - formerly The Gatehouse (2008-18) - is an online, non-commercial alternate-history magazine, edited by Nick Ottens.

Its focus is on what we call the Steam, Diesel and Atomic Eras, which correspond with the following three genres of speculative fiction:

Steampunk: Usually set in a nineteenth century where the future has happened sooner. Subgenres of steampunk include clockpunk and Weird West.
Dieselpunk: Similar to steampunk but usually darker and set in the interwar years or World War II. Subgenres include biopunk and decodence (also called decopunk).
Atomicpunk: Set in an anachronistic Cold War. Its aesthetic is informed by the future predictions of the 1950s through the 1970s. A related genre is spy-fi.

Alternate History Weekly Update Warping history since 2011. Alternate History Weekly Update is the best news and reviews blog dedicated to alternate history and related genres. Matt Mitrovich is our editor.

Alternate History Blogs

Grey Wolf Author The website for Grey Wolf, author and poet, is fronted by his blog in which he shares reviews, writing tips, previews and discussion. The rest of the website features his books as well as an area dedicated to little-known aspects of real history.

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