How To Join AHF

Welcome to AHF. This guide will explain what the website is, and how to get yourself and your books listed in easy steps. Download as PDF

What is AHF

AHF aims to be a detailed database that links together across all the products an author, artist or publisher may have in the genre, and which provides full links to places to buy, engage with, and follow. There is NO FEE, no charge, no cost, and no obligation.

AHF welcomes authors, artists, publishers, bloggers and website owners who write, illustrate or focus on the genre of Alternate History


Every author will get a page to themselves to post their biography, any personal statement, an author photograph, publishers' image (if relevant) and a short-data list of their books.

Each book listed will link either to a full page feature on that book, or to the listing on the author page, depending on the level of detail included. Each listing includes ISBN, purchase links, and a summary/blurb and can also include publisher, additional information, and commentary on the cover and cover art.

List on AHF

Get your books listed on AHF with these few simple steps

What You Need to Send

The process is quite simple. You identify the books you want to be featured - these can be within the whole wide remit of alternate history so can include time travel, changing the past etc (Napoleon Disentimed is one of our favourites in the wider genre). In addition, if most of the books you want to submit are within the genre, AHF will happily list one or two other books by you that are not: e.g. historical fiction, science fiction etc.

For each book AHF needs :-
- cover image (preferably emailed or linked to a full size version)
- blurb
- sales links (to both print and ebook if you have them)

Then, we need:-
- your bio, preferably in shorter potted form, then in however long you want it (the latter is optional)
- your author photograph (if you use one)
- links to your websites, and any social media you want mentioned

A lot of this information can be as simple as identifying the sales links on Amazon or other sales platforms, and sending AHF these. We prefer to have cover images emailed as we cannot always extract a good copy from an Amazon page.

Please put "AHF Listing" in the subject line.

Adding More

Beyond this, if you want you can add
- information about how the book came to be, or more commentary on the book
(this creates an individual page for the book, which is being created if it doesn't just duplicate what is on the overview page but adds to it)
- information about the cover artist, anything about the process or the image if you wish, and their website or contact information.

In addition, if you maintain a website or blog that is about alternate history in general, or writing in general, then AHF can add this to the Websites page, but we have taken the decision not to simply add authors' own websites about their own books to this section.


Interviews can be arranged for the Interviews section - these can be specific or follow a generic (but interesting) list of questions.


AHF will promote works from featured Authors on the Facebook page
and on our Twitter account
AHF will also run and promote competitions, and reviews.

AHF Magazine

Also, in addition, AHF Magazine was launched in September 2016 - its terms and conditions are here
AHF Magazine Terms and Guidelines
If you are interesting in submitting to it, after reading the T&Cs, please email the submission to and title the email 'AHF Magazine' in the Subject line.