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Michael FitzGerald Timothy Freriks Peter Friedrich Mark Gillespie Andrew J Heller Sam Kepfield

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Alternate History Books

Sam Kepfield
Red Planet

Ken Davenport
The Two Gates

Jonathan Doering

Giampietro Stocco
Nero Italiano
Dea del Caos
La Coruna Perduta
Nuovo Mondo
Dalle Mie Ceneri

Michael FitzGerald

Duane Simolke
Sons of Taldra

Cody Sisco
Broken Mirror
Tortured Echoes

Peter Friedrich
Seelöwe, the landing in England on July 21st 1940

John R. Stuart
Gettysburg Redux
Rebels & Desperados
For The Good of the Confederacy
Confederate Knights
Ramble On

Anthologies (Multi-Author)
Tales From Alternate Earths
Cosmic Hooey
Pressure Suite

Dale Cozort
All Timelines Lead To Rome

Timothy Freriks
Apocalypse Disrupted: time shift strategy
Mrr: a post-apocalyptic race through time
Roland: of pirates and patriots

BJ Sikes
The Archimedean Heart

Mark Gillespie

Andrew J Heller
Gray Tide in the East
Tidal Effects
If The North Had Won The Civil War

RF Dunham
The Other Side of Hope

D.F. Pellegrino
Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire
The Dawg Pound Dynasty

Paul Leone
Murder In Jerusalem
Mysterious Albion
The Book of Thoth
The Mystery of the Dying Woman
The Mystery of the Carpathian Client
The Mystery of the Daemoniac

Matthew W. Quinn
Flashing Steel, Flashing Fire
Ft. in Cosmic Hooey
Ft. in Pressure Suite

Lazlo Ferran
Vampire: Find my Grave
Ordo Lupus and the Temple Gate
The Devil's Own Dice
The Synchronicity Code
Attack Hitler's Bunker
December Radio

Alessio Brugnoli
Il Canto Oscuro
Marciare Per Non Marcire

Christopher G.Nuttall
Storm Front
The Invasion of 1950

Jay Wolfe
Shadows of the Future
Yesterday's Empire

Grey Wolf
Ten Naval Battles
The Slayer
Never The Dawn
Time of the Darkness
The Mailed Fist
To Deliver The Future
How to Write Alternate History
Slayer's Quest