AHF's Blog - Open To All

Guest Bloggers Welcome

The blog here at AHF is now open to authors to write their own blog posts. These can be on anything you wish - your latest novel, character development, setting, experiences in publishing, what inspires you, your work environment, whether you have a cat, or anything you are involved in that readers would be interested in.

AHF claims no copyright on third-party blog posts, so it can be as lengthy and detailed as you wish, include whichever photographs and links you may desire. You can syndicate a blog post you have already written to AHF, and can syndicate any blog posts you write for AHF to any other site.

When your blog post is live, it will replace this welcome message which will be recoded white-on-black and placed below the main blog feature. Each blog post will have a guaranteed feature life of two weeks before another author's might replace it on this main blog page. Once replaced, an individual page for the post can be created, and continue to be linked to below this feature are.

To Guest Blog at AHF simply email enquiries@alternate-history-fiction.com titling it 'Guest Blog Request' and stating any preferred date you have in mind. This could be to coincide with a book launch, a new edition, a magazine feature or any other reason that makes good sense to you. If you have no particular date in mind, AHF will slot you into the first available Guest Blogging position.