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27 February 2016

Growing in 2016
Thank You to the authors who have signed on with AHF so far in 2016 to add the fantastic authors we had for our launch last year. We now feature the books (in alphebtical order) of:- Dale Coozort, Timothy Freriks, Mark Gillespie and Andrew J Heller.

Each author has had a page created for them, headed by their biography and author photograph (where applicable), followed by a list of each of their featured books, complete with blurb, cover art, ISBN or ASIN, and a link to buy the book. Where there is a lot of information about a book, such as with Lazlo Ferran's Vampire: Find My Grave an additional page for each book has been created as well.

The Alternate History Authors page lists each author alphabetically along the top and this links to their featured space on that page. The order of the authors displaying on the page is random, and will often change, so that for people just browsing through the list no author has an unfair disadvantage.

The Alternate History Books page simply lists each book featured on AHF under the author's name. Again there is an alphabetical list along the top, but a random order on the page, which will change so that no author is ever always at the bottom, or always at the top.

The design of the site is that each of these sections interlocks with each other, but can be used on its own. The other section that does this is the Book Cover Artist page, where the books are listed under the cover designer, and then link through either to the book's individual page or to the books' place on its author's page.