Alternate History Fiction

  • Welcome to AHF

    Alternate History Fiction (AHF) exists to promote and to provide a guide. We promote books in the genre, the artwork used for them, and the authors and artists who produce them. We provide a guide to where books and ebooks can be bought, to websites dedicated to Alternate History, and to blogs on writing and world-creation.

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    Promote Your Books on AHF

    Authors and publishers of Alternate History are invited to promote their books on our website for free. We make no claims on your work, and exist to help publicise the genre and guide buyers to your works. Getting listed is easy; click the link below to find what you need to do.

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  • Author Pages

    Each author gets a page to themselves, which will list every one of their books that are in the Alternate History, and associated genres. Each book then links to a book page of its own, where a longer blurb, links to sales, and discussion of the cover art is featured. Links also available to personal blogs, author pages, and social media.

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  • Artist Pages

    Cover artists have a page to themselves, as well as a focus on their covers within the books' individual pages. As an artist, you can be as detailed as you wish, giving or omitting a personal Bio, and link to any of your websites, marketing sites or social media.

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  • Publishers

    Publishers who have alternate history fiction in their stable are welcome to create a Publishers Page at AHF. We can link to your websites and social media, and link together books from various authors that you publish.

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  • Websites

    AHF will maintain a list of active alternate history websites, discussion boards and blogs. If you wish to be included, please email

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  • Interviews

    AHF interviews authors, artists, bloggers and website owners in the genre. Any authors wishing to be interviewed please email We aim to post new interviews every two months, on a first-come basis, to be put online in the first available slot.

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  • AHF Magazine

    AHF Magazine - a new Quarterly Publication AHF Magazine is dedicated to promoting alternate history in all its forms. Published four times a year, it will include the following features:-

    - short fiction in the alternate history genre, including flash fiction
    and short (2 or 3 piece) serials
    - interviews with authors and artists in the alternate history genre
    - book features and press releases
    - alternate history art
    - reviews of alternate history books, films and television
    - reviews of history books, TV programmes and resources
    - essays on writing and on alternate history
    - miscellany related to the genre, including music, poetry, events etc

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